Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Schmuck Alert: Strike a Pose!

Much love to Editor-at-Large Mike James for hipping us to the latest case of young schmucks in love! We just wish the IT geeks at CBS 2 would provide a lttle embed code (Hey, we're trying to launch an empire here!). But enough about us, we now take you to the streets of New York...
The young man with the hot modeling career was striking a pose as he smoked a cigarette in a third-floor window when CBS 2 HD saw him on Tuesday night. Josh Walter, 19, is the younger guy in a relationship scandal that got a city school teacher fired.

Walter explained to CBS 2 HD in somewhat graphic terms that didn't want to talk about it.

His live-in girlfriend is 37-year-old Gina Salamino, a former second-grade teacher. They now have a child together and she wants her old job back. The strain clearly showed on the handsome young model as he got physical with CBS 2 HD cameramen.

"Leave me alone. Understand that? Leave me alone," he shouted as he crossed the street.

He then decided to get up close and personal with our hardware.

Walter was apparently upset at all the attention he's received over the last few days....
Upset? Dude, that's the kind of tabloid dreck that launches multi-million dollar careers these days! Smoldering good looks, a 37 year old paramour, TV crews in hot pursuit? You coulda wormed your way onto The Hills! Now however, you're nuthin' but a Schmuck!


Anonymous said...

Did the station file any charges? said...

I like how the reporter mistakenly referred to the schmuck's paramour as "palamino" rather than "salamino."

This story is a great example of why I departed the news biz. Can you imagine, all the TV news talent wasted stalking this bozo?