Monday, November 24, 2008

Schmuck Alert - Playing Catch Up...

So Many Old Schmucks, so little time.

Luckily no photogs have been harrassed in the past few days...that or you...dear reader...are letting us down.

Anyway...going back a few months...the latest update from WCBS, New York on a dentist with Road Rage. This guy's fit over a parking spot in November, 2007 made him an internet sensation (that almost sounds like a good thing) and he even garnered Dr. Phil's attention -and who wants that?

Here's the video in Raw Form from You Tube...however I do recommend the WCBS links to their stories to see this guy justify his actions.

Back in April a judge said, No Deal, scheduling the dentist for a trial slated for June.

But in August Dr. Road Rage was offered a plea deal designed to allow him to only serve probation. He rejected it....and his lawyer quit on him because of it.

WCBS reports that "Court documents show the dentist has a long record of being charged with harrassment or assault, pleading the charge down to a violation, and walking free. "


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