Thursday, December 4, 2008

Schmuck Alert: Hallway Hooligan!

Just when we thought all schmucks were taking a break for the holidays, this bonehead in a bad 'fro goes postal on a girl. That ain't cool...

It happened outside a Syracuse courtroom and though cameras didn't fully capture the felonious act, the schmuckery is unobstructed...
It was a raucous affair at the arraignment for Valdessa Johnson Thursday afternoon. While members of the media and onlookers were awaiting the finish of the proceedings, an apparent supporter of the victim, Yeisha Howard, attacked News 10 Now reporter Joleene Des Rosiers while she was operating a television camera and shooting video of the hearing.

Action News reporter Jim Kenyon and photojournalist Andy Wolf witnessed the attack. Kenyon reports that the assailant was taken into custody by court security and everyone else in court was escorted from the building. According to court security the alleged assailant is a minor and his name has not been released. The case has been turned over to the Syracuse Police Department.

Ms. Des Rosiers was injured in the attack and was taken to a local hospital for treatment. There is not yet any word on the extent of her injuries. The camera she was operating was damaged. Joleene is a former employee of Action News, having worked here previous to her stint at News 10 Now.
The attacker is underage, so perhaps we should't cancel his Christmas. Still, we're hoping Santa plants a boot up his ass come late December. Schmuck!

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