Monday, November 17, 2008


Ever since orb-hurling hothead Kenny "Not the Gambler" Rogers openly assailed a photog for reasons known only to himself, concerned cameramen everywhere rose up from the primodial news and formed the SCHMUCK ALERT JUSTICE LEAGUE!

For years, photog bloggers and other surly citizens have taken it upon themselves to issue Schmuck Alerts, public notices that someone's being a complete douche-bag in full view of professional camera crew. This in itself is not always a crime, but too often that mall cop, fresh felon, town founder or d-list debutante goes positively mental and assaults the aforementioned member of the media. Like Nancy Kerrigan said just after being whacked in the knee by Gillooly and his goons, "WWWWHHHHHYYYYY?!?!?!"

A-hem. Anyway, until now key members of the Fourth Estate have been issuing their Schmuck Alerts on their individual websites. No more! Now, with the establishment of this very site by the good folks at the Lenslinger Institute, schmucks everywhere have a place to come and hang their heads in shame. Remember, sports fans, that cat with the Sony on his shoulder ain't doin' it for his health, Most likely he (or she) has spent the day chasing cops, politicians, criminals and - EGADS! - television news reporters. Trust me, you'd be pissy too. So think twice before taking a swing! Chances are we won't fight back too hard, but we'll damn sure KEEP RECORDING....

After all, it's what we do.

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