Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Schmuck Alert! - Lunacy in Louisville

Just hours after we launched schmuckalert.com, Rick Redding of The Ville Voice - THROWS THE SWITCH! We now take you to Louisville...

WDRB-TV will pursue charges against the East End auto dealer who attacked reporter Dick Irby and photographer Dave White while the newsmen were gathering footage of the dealer's property last week.

The confrontation makes for good video. The dealer attempts to throw the $50,000 camera to the ground, and at one point says he’ll pay for it after Irby tells him that if he touches it, he owns it. He comes off attempting to be a bully, but ultimately backs down.

Irby’s piece includes an interview with the city’s historic preservation expert, Richard Jett, which evokes some combativeness from Planning Director Charles Cash. It’s good TV.

Fox41 has posted the raw video of the attack. Great work by White in keeping the camera rolling while the attack occurred. Let’s hope a jury gets to see it someday and penalizes this nutjob.

Thanks for the heads-Up, Rick! A check ISN'T on the way...

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jim sitton said...

Great idea!
Great site!

Did I win a T-shirt?
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Keep outing those SCHMUCKS!!!