Monday, November 17, 2008

Schmuck Alert: Sicko and the Shiv

Guest Contributor El Guapo on the madness out of Sacramento:

If you're a regular reader of b-roll message boards, you most certainly saw the latest news crew under attack. But this particular attack isn't your run of the mill Class 5 Schmuck Alert, which is why I'm not waiting for Lenslinger to lambaste the punk with some wicked prose.

This dude... a violent maniac. He's a sex offender. And he doesn't deal with confrontation well.

And when he was approached by a couple of Sacramento news crews, he responded by brandishing a box cutter, and charging the media down. They retreated...he backed off...and soon after, cops cuffed and stuffed the fool for his violent threats.

Even though no one was physically injured, the level of threat posed in this confrontation seriously out weighs any previous attacks on the media. This wasn't some cop pushing a photog to the ground. This wasn't some security guard getting handsy-grabby with a photog. This wasn't some pansy civilian bitch slapping a reporter. These we not empty threats. The dude had a dangerous weapon, an unstable disposition, and a sharp gleam of psycho in his eye...

So...photog safe out there, and shoot with your left eye open. Because we all know that the desk mules and show stackers are going to keep sending crews onto the front porches of wackos, loonies, psychos, killers, dirty birds, and pederasts -- and the only person you can rely on to keep yourself safe in such a situation is...YOU!

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