Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Schmuck Alert - School Superintendent!?!

First a School Cop goes off on a photographer in Oakland and now a School Superintendent.

The School Superintendent of Riverview Gardens near St.Louis pleaded guilty to tax evasion and fraud, reportedly shifting money from the school district coffers to his own.

And then on the way out of the courthouse he earned Schmuck Status.

TV Station KPLR reports, "Obviously angry at the barrage of questions he was being asked, the (former?)superintendent knocked the microphone from a reporter's hand."

In the video you can hear the superintendent tell the reporter "You shouldn't have put it in my face." to which the reporter replies, "Sir, you are a public official."


The sentencing date for this Schmuck is in January. He could certainly face new charges for his Schmuckishness this day.

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Burnt Hickory Brewery said...

damn...another lectronsonics' cube bites the dust.