Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Schmuck Alert: Potty Mouth Cop!

Remind us to watch our elbows next time we're in Oakland! That seems to be all it takes to make the local School District Police Chief go postal! The cop in question is seen hurling invectives and otherwise being a total ass to Oakland Tribune photojournalist Jane Tyska. According to him, the female photog struck his patrol car with her elbow, setting off an on-camera tirade in which he curses her up (and down!), threatens to 'stuff her' in the back of his (fatally-crippled) cruiser and accuses her of trying to incite a riot. Hey occifer, how about a steaming hot cup of 'CHILL THE #&$@% OUT!'? I've seen calmer reactions at school bus collisions...

That clip's caused quite a ruckus in Oakland, with area bloggers, local watchdogs and newspaper editorialists weighing in on Officer Outrage's tour de force performance. We meanwhile are issuing a Class Five Schmuck Alert for the lunatic law-enforcer if for no other reason than he works around kids - and should know to act like he's got some damn sense. At least he proved he could 'work blue'. Schmuck!

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Z. Miletich said...

Such a blind PIG!

He may think he can charge an innocent photographer with "obstruction" (:P), but you know who's really gonna face charges?

[spoiler]The officer![/spoiler]