Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Schmuck Alert: Oh, Canada!

From somewhere North of the border, a case so outlandish, so farcical, so SCHMUCKTACULAR it has to be clicked on repeatedly to be believed!

Canadian Schmuck

Okay, so it's an 18 month old clip from Toronto - but when the research team foundthis clip we blew our java chip Frappucino all over the Lenslinger Institute's command module! That's like a six dollar drink! Anyhoo, after a little wipe-up we decided a belated Schmuck Alert be issued immediately for the outraged optician who decided to go snowball on CityNews' Peter Silverman and his intrepid crew. We're not sure what passes for entertainment up there, but down here in the States, that's some damn good cinema. Schmuck!


sitbonzo said...

that is the best one so far. What a dork.

Spokehedz said...

New favorite. I love how the old guy just puts up his fists and WAITS. Just waits for the guy to start wailing on him. I bet he could have taken him out with one right to the jaw.


Anonymous said...

Peter Silverman, the reporter, is pretty fearless and as tough as nails.