Friday, December 5, 2008

Schmuck Alert: What's Your Trip?

Those of us studying camera semantics are well versed in SDL (Sudden Lens Response). After all, we're working TV News photogs. We'll referee an Easter Egg Hunt, stalk a politician through Capitol City and follow the PO-leece up a crackhouse porch - all within the course of a single shift. So when we say we've seen every kind of reaction to an unexpected fancycam, we ain't just blowin' smoke. (I myself have been spat at by shackled Grandmothers, nearly rundown by an enraged eighteen wheeler and held up as a God by the delusional crooners of countless American Idol auditions.) Still, even we're flummoxed by the tizzy on display in the following clip...Call it 'The Apoplectic Spaz'... Or don't - see if we care!

It's not often blowhards like us are rendered speechless, but that almost did it. Anyone know the whole story behind this camera-hating maroon? Hmm? Oh yeah ... Schmuck!


turdpolisher said...

amature. a real photog would have stood his ground while the guy pounded the viewfinder through his optic nerve.

but seriously. that dude needs to cut down on the meth.

Duff said...

Love the schmuck compilation. So many schmucks, so little time.

Horonto said...

OZ or NZ?

cameragod said...

It was in New Zealand.
This fine specimen of a smuck was in court for murdering kittens, seriously. Originally when caught with the dead kittens in the freezer he set up his mentally impaired girlfriend to take the rap and when convicted she committed suicide.
Meanwhile he carried on abusing animals, amongst the high points was the alleged beating and raping of horses… a lovely individual.
The cameraman involved was justifiably concerned for his personal welfare and tried to create space between himself and the scumbag. Unfortunately he was due for a hip replacement and his leg buckled as he moved back.
The camera was ok the viewfinder plate snapped but that was $50 to fix.