Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Schmuckin' Christmas!

WE AIN'T DEAD! No matter that News Blues goon Mike James says! Rather, we're on holiday - breaking bread with our extended families as we rest up for the calendar flip. Yes, we expect 2009 to be Year of the Schmuck! Freshly shackled defendants, disgraced politicians, hell - even Paula Abdul could come out swingin'! You've seen American Idol ... that lady's KRA-ZEEEEE! So while we figure out how to re-gift last year's fruitcake, know that we're planning breathless coverage of every. single. case. of camera-related fisticuffs reported in the free world. Meanwhile, check the archives and get off our backs if we got a little slack - we're only photogs, for schmuck's sake!

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