Thursday, January 8, 2009

Schmuck Alert: Oakland Death Grip

Just when we thought the world was safe for photogs everywhere, some dolt in Oakland up and loses his mind. ABC 7 photographer Dean Smith (not the legendary college basketball coach...who's no schmuck himself) was covering - GASP! -a protest, when a person of some derangement snuck up from behind and tried to rip the fancycam off his shoulder. Egads! The plucky Smith took exception to stranger's plans, and submitted to a first class melon-thumping while holding the high-dollar videocamera in a West Coast death-grip. Video of the ensuing struggle has yet to surface, but here's an interview with the cut and bloodied photog, who'd liek to remind everyone they didn't get his rig... Attaboy, Deano - your bosses owe you big ... good luck with that. As for the would be auteur who failed to score any glass, get yer own...SCHMUCK!


EL-GUAPO said...

Big woo-hoo to that guy. I don't understand why more photogs don't attack back when they're subject to such treatment. Doesn't it count as self-defense to go on the offense when attacked?

dcsmitty said...
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dcsmitty said...

It happened so fast I didn't even have a chance. And it was an EastCoastDeathGrip, I'm from New Jersey. As for the thugs who rang my bell, they were the type that carry concealed weapons... We had the chance to see one on Friday night just before the 11pm. Handgun vs. Camera equals FAIL.